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What to carry on walking tours?

1. Cushioned Shoes

A sightseeing walking tour will involve standing, you walk for few minutes, then stop and listen to the guide about the history, sights and culture for several more minutes. Choose shoes that are well-cushioned and comfortable for standing for long periods of time. Avoid minimalist shoes, and sandals or sneakers that have stylish heels or are not properly cushioned. 

2. Hat and Scarf

You will need a hat to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes. We recommend carrying a cap with a full brim for this purposes, in colder weather, a cap that comes down over the ears or a separate ear warmer is a good choice. In addition to a hat, a scarf is also a good pick, it acts as a neck gaiter to keep the sun or cold off your neck, a headband or ear warmer, or even a face mask/balaclava if the weather turns very dusty or bitterly cold.

3. Handy Wind-cheater

Please check weather before you head out for the tour, but be prepared for changes. Carry a wind-cheater jacket with you, we recommend waterproof ultra lightweight jackets, that folds up to the size of an energy bar. With it you can stay comfortable in cool or windy conditions or overly aggressive air conditioning inside. 


4. Umbrella

If you know you will be outside in the rain, an umbrella or waterproof jacket mentioned above is essential. If rain is only a slight possibility, you can carry a plastic rain poncho.

5. Day Pack & Water bottle

A day pack is the easiest way to organize the stuff you might need when you are out for a full day of sightseeing and touring. A day pack will produce less stress on your neck and shoulders than carrying a purse or duffel bag. We recommend carrying a bottle of water, as your stops might not include water fountains. Dehydration is real risk on walking tours. Check with your guide about any restrictions on bringing a pack into any of the attractions you are visiting.

6. Comfortable Clothing

To stay comfortable while walking, shirts and pants made of sweat-wicking fabric will serve you well. You can wear cotton shirts and jeans, but once they get wet from sweat or rain, they will stay wet for a long time. 

Zip-off convertible cargo pants are quite popular for multi-day walking tours or those in changeable conditions. Tank tops and shorts might be fine for comfort, but if you are going to be touring churches, temples or mosques, you need long pants and a shirt that covers your shoulders and a scarf to cover your head.

7. Sunglasses and Sunscreen

It might not be sunny when you started, but a long day outdoors can take its toll on your skin. No matter the weather, we recommend you to apply sunscreen especially in the India, also research the area to know whether you will need insect repellent. On a group walking tour, be courteous and limit any perfumes or other scents that someone in the group might be sensitive to.

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