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Seven Reasons to discover the soul of a City by Free Walk Tour

1. Economically Cognizant

Free Walking Tours are virtually free; these tours offer every visitor the opportunity to experience the full potential of a city in a different way, irrespective of a traveler’s budget. At the end of the tour one can make a generous contribution to help the guides and company for running such tours in city. This thought might come into the mind of a traveler that “why this is free?”. the answer is when you pay for something and you did not get the kind of experience you wished for than that money can burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Value for Time

Free Walking tours are usually the best idea for ‘the first date’ with a new city; you can discover the most out of a city in a short span of time. You don’t have to plan anything apart from making sure your camera has a loaded battery’ your local guides will take care of the rest. You won’t get lost, you’ll feel more confident on city streets and you’ll see most of the famous attractions that every tourist needs to have a picture of. These tours will also help to shape what the rest of your visit will look like and allow you to use your time to the absolute max.

3. Witness like a Local

The guides are usually locals, which means they know everything about the city and even more! You’re exposed to all the details that make up the essence of a city; containing the perfect mix of historical depth, modern lifestyle, compelling facts to make you think again with tempering of personal stories. You will hear about things you didn’t even know to google and about the places which does not exist on google but Yes they exist on our tours. You can ask the guide absolutely anything as you go, most often they have an answer for you right away, and if not, they will do everything possible to get the right answer for you. Local expert will also offer you insider tips on places to visit, the best local eats, shops, and experiences as well things to avoid.

4. Discover Hidden Trail

Free Walking Tours helps you to explore the full potential of the city along with startling hidden corners. Walk the infamous streets of a city that would have not been walked by your own; unearth a footpath or a quiet café or a secret garden you hadn’t noticed before. Witnessing the ineffable strangeness of a city make you felt like an overwhelming privilege and you'll carry the Heart of a City with you forever.

5. Meet People

Free Walking Tours gives you a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers from all over the world. It will give you a chance to develop instant friendship or can gift you a travel companion that will serve to enrich your stay in the city. You always get a great mix of people, everyone has a cool story to tell, and inspires each other to travel more, see more and do more. Essentially, adventure into the unknown; where you never know whom, you’re going to meet!

6. Unmatched Performance Free Walking Tours empowers travelers to experience the tour first, and then pay for the experience that you get i.e. set your own price based on your experience. Guides work extra hard to give all the knowledge to guests, providing them with an unforgettable experience. Envisage the extra efforts put by guide to ephemeral about authentic tales, hidden gems of the city to earn your appreciation; which you might not get in already paid tours.

7. Healthy and Nature Friendly

By Free Walk Tour you don’t just save money and time, also saves the environment! You get some thorough exercise whilst seeing the sights; Additionally, you're able to access some truly wonderful historic buildings, archaeological sites and modern masterpieces more closely than you can see with any other type of tour; as it is said you can’t stop time but what if we say we can stop the moment which you can capture within you forever. You'll learn every intricate detail about a city by walking and make a positive contribution to environment- no emissions and a tiny carbon footprint; hence eco-friendly tours are the way forward!


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