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Top 10 things to do in Delhi at Night

Delhi is a perfect combination of history and modernity. It is home to some of the finest monuments, enchanting buildings, and modern complexes. Delhi has something to offer no matter what hour it is. Nevertheless, Delhi also is kind of a place which can make you walk on your tiptoes. The hustle-bustle, chaos at the daytime and heat can bring you to your knees pretty soon. But the plot is twisted when night falls. The streets start to get emptier and emptier giving explorers a reason to traverse at night.

Most of the tourists prefer to visit the monuments and different sites of Delhi at daytime but they miss out on the beauty of them at night. The nightlife in Delhi is one of the best you will ever find in the Indian subcontinent. From the Mouthwatering Chicken delicacies in night market near Jama Masjid to the Lavish and crazy time in clubs of Hauz Khas and Connaught Place, Delhi has a lot to offer at night.

Following are some experiences to take on a night out in Delhi:

1. Exploration around India Gate

India Gate is a popular war memorial that is visited by tourists throughout the day. However, at night, it looks spectacular and makes for a great drive. Coming here at midnight gives a little moment of peace in this chaotic city.

2. Walk around Red Fort

One of the most visited historic sites of Delhi, the Red Fort is a photographer’s delight at night. The red bricks in yellow lights make for a pretty picture and a magnificent sight. The less crowd in the bustling place of Chandni Chowk is also a weirdly different sight one may notice. Walking distance from Red Fort, Market near Jama Masjid has types of chicken to offer for the chicken lovers.

3. Hauz Khas Village

This one is for the party-seekers and night-crawlers. People seeking out offbeat nightlife to unwind in the city, Hauz Khas is a best place to consider, it allows you to witness the vibrant nightlife, great street food and lovely youth of Delhi. One can enjoy a romantic dinner in any one the the roof tops's overlooking beautiful Hauz Khas Lake after sundown, as well as the delicious food, live bands and the best ambiance.

4. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

The marvelous Bangla Sahib Gurudwara (Sikh temple) becomes all the more alluring at night when its lights are turned on. Not only is a wonderful sight, it is also a great option for some serene time at night in the capital city.

5. Walk in Connaught Place Being the central area, its crowded till the midnight. It has two circle one inner circle known as Rajiv Chowk and outer circle is known as Indira Chowk. The sight of Indian Flag waving from around the circle is spectacular to see. Connaught place is a bundle for everything even till the late hours, and very popular among the food lovers as well as party lovers.

6. Drive-by Qutub Minar India’s tallest minaret, the Qutub Minar looks spectacular in the night light not just because of its height, but its fantastic location in the historical complex. Walk in the moon light around the Delhi’s oldest Fort admiring the city’s rich history is a must have experience.

7. Pub-Crawl

The adventurous crowd comes out of the hood at night. In the pubs, you will see the happening aspect of Delhi. Pubs in South Delhi, Gurugram, Connaught Place and Hauz Khas Village are very famous for the late-night party lovers. Enjoy drinks, music, dance while hopping from one pub to another, experiencing the nightlife of the city.

8. Live Music Cafes There are handful cafes that are open until midnight hours. Live music and food is the best combination of late hours. From soft music cafes to hard rock cafes, you can have plenty of choices to choose from.

9. Drive to Dhaba's in Murthal

Almost one and a half to two hours drive from Delhi takes you to much famous Daba's in Murthal. Murthal is famous for its cheap food, clean open-air dhabas- Sukhdev, Vaishnov, Gulshan Dhaba's to name a few. Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba is one of the beloved place for many people in and around Delhi. It is a highway hotel and provides some great food, especially famous for it's Parathas.

10. Live Qawwalis at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, the resting place of the famous Sufi saints, Nizamuddin Auliya, lures Sufi devotees from across the globe. Listen the mystic sufi singing accompanied by traditional Indian instruments, where the love for God is invoked in terms of romance through the music. It is one of Delhi’s finest cultural experience, particularly on Thursdays and feast days when qawwalis are sung at sunset after prayers.

Wish to know more about Delhi at night and see some yourself? Join us on our night walk through the urban area of Delhi and get to know more about the city, history and stories and fall in love with this city.

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