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Best Hotels in India
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Best Online Travel Agents in India
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Honeymoon Destinations in India
Best Tour Package Deals in India
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Best Souvenirs to buy in India

Create a list of all the states and hyperlink for it to open in another page where create a list of cities and create another hyperlink to reach to a specific city travel guide page and each city page to have the following:

-Nearest Airport

-Public Transport & Cabs for local transport (Maps, timings etc.)

-Cheapest way to commute from airport

-Cheapest and fastest way to buy attraction tickets

-Free Attractions & Experiences in the city

-Booking a Guide

-Quality budget accommodations (Featured & Recommended)

-Hostels in Town (Featured & Recommended)

-Popular Attractions in town (Timings and tickets prices with deals available)

-Must have experiences in town

-Best time to visit 

-Nearby Getaways

-Why to visit this town? Ideal number of days to spend in the city.

-Where to rent a bike or car?

-Popular cuisine

-Best Pubs & Clubs

-Best Authentic Shopping Items and Places

-Emergency Contacts

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