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March 1, 2018

Ready your cameras to capture the hues of Lodhi Garden. The loveliest park in the city of Delhi, it is the best place to capture nature, architecture, and different shades of trees and flowers all in one place. It is the place where many Lodhi and Sayyid rulers were buried. In here you will see the remains of an old water tank and next to it lays a courtyard.

The tomb of Mohammed Shah is the earliest structure in the gardens. The architecture is characterized by the octagonal chamber, with stone chhajjas on the roof and guldastas on the corners. It is a picture-perfect formation that should fill space on your memory card.

Another tomb within the gardens is that of Sikander Lodi, which is similar to Mohammed Shah’s tomb, though without the chhatris. It is a simple rectangular structure on a high platform approached by a flight of steps.

During a photo walk through Lodhi Garden, you'll come across many beautiful architectures. It contains 15th-century Bara Gumbad tomb and mosque, and the At...

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