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May 8, 2017

As we travel to new places, for whatever reason it may be, no matter for how long, there are always things that we want to find, things that we need, things to do and things to avoid. Now, let's look at Pune.

Pune, formerly named Poona, meaning ‘the blessed city’. Situated in the shadows of its big cousin, Mumbai (also known as Bombay), Pune previously known as the place for retirement, away from the craze and buzz of its cousin, presently it broke away from the shakes of this odious comparison, the Pune we see today is full of life, teeming with all the best things that any metropolis offers, gratefully it still retains its old charm.

Not surprisingly then, it has been regarded as the cultural capital of Maharashtra (Mumbai as the cousin, didn't take this too well! haha). Pune is home to many religious, spiritual and holistic places, though vast majority being Hindu, there are many different temples, arguably one of the most noble would be Halwai Ganpati temple and Parvati temple, o...

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