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February 26, 2018

1. Pushkar Lake
According to the Hindu scriptures and the locals, the holy Pushkar Lake is described as ‘Thirtha Raj’, the king of all pilgrimage sites. No pilgrimage is considered complete without a dip in the holy lake. It is believed to purge humans of all their sins, and even skin diseases. It is semi-circular in shape and about 8-10 meters deep, Pushkar Lake is surrounded by 52 bathing Ghats (stairs) and over 400 temples and is truly a magnificent sight to behold.
Place Timing: 4 AM to 9 PM
Entry fees: Free

2. Brahma Temple
It is the only temple in the world dedicated to Lord Brahma (According to the Hindu mythology, Brahma is one of the three main Gods referred to in Hinduism, he is believed to be the creator of culture). They are built with marble and decorated with silver coins, this temple can be identified by its red spire (pyramidal structure on the top of a building) and the image of a swan (holy bird that signifies the character of Lord Brahma). The chaturmukhi (four-faced)...

January 30, 2018

1. Economically Cognizant

Free Walking Tours are virtually free; these tours offer every visitor the opportunity to experience the full potential of a city in a different way, irrespective of a traveler’s  budget. At the end of the tour one can make a generous contribution to help the guides and company for running such tours in city. This thought might come into the mind of a traveler that “why this is free?”. the answer is when you pay for something and you did not get the kind of experience you wished for than that money can burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Value for Time

Free Walking tours are usually the best idea for ‘the first date’ with a new city; you can discover the most out of a city in a short span of time. You don’t have to plan anything apart from making sure your camera has a loaded battery’ your local guides will take care of the rest. You won’t get lost, you’ll feel more confident on city streets and you’ll see most of the famous attractions that every tourist needs to hav...

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